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So as my welcome gift to you, I've posted a fun video recorded recently with my dear friend Katie Freiling. It shows you how to make a luscious metabolism energizing elixir, that's better than Starbuck's, helps burn fat for a sexy body & helps Nourish Your Awesomeness

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"Had a Tues. Night seminar in West Hollywood with this man ....Thank You Thom for a wealth of health information ...Thank You from Greg Jandt and Diana Meechan...We will be surely keeping in contact and implementing many of your teachings. I was blown away re: his information / knowledge...!!!"

Posted by Greg Jandt on Friday, April 3, 2015
The Magic of Herbal Thom and Lovely Grace

"I attended a one day seminar of Thom’s called The Art of Nourishing Longevity.  It was an invigorating blend of Qi Gong, Qi Activation, Nutrition, and Channeling by Grace.  I have heartfelt appreciation for this experience.  It is normal to go in to a seminar wondering, “Will I benefit?  What will I “get”?, “Will this be worth my time?” and as I was in the beginning of “getting”, it turned to receiving and opening and then the beauty was in watching Thom compassionately give.This full day flew by and my attention never wavered.  Thom has an engaging and delightful presence.  He is articulate, captivating, and comprehensive. 

Listening to Thom is simply a pleasure. He flawlessly guides us all on a healthy and invigorating day, activating our bodies, our breath, and our minds.  His presentation is professional and polished.  The choice of his words, the tone of his voice, and his blend of delivering education in an empowering and engaging way literally bent time.

The days activities and lectures began by strengthening our inner foundation with Qi Gong, and then cleared our stagnant energies with Qi Activation.  This prepared our minds to learn how to nourish our bodies, and then we all were introduced to his lovely partner Grace, who took our Spirit on a journey for the Soul.  Thom build us beautifully in one day.  Then Grace pointed the way for us to soar. "

Lila P.

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