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Quotes EPIC day with Thomas Dale yesterday at the Art of Nourishing Longevity workshop! I'm still buzzing from this experience. If any of my FB family are interested in Qigong and/or nutrition-based healing, I highly recommend getting in touch through http://www.herbalthom.com/ Thanks Thom! Quotes
Lindsay K.

Quotes I'm really grateful to Thomas Dale for helping me heal as my Angel these past few months. If anyone needs herbal, energetic, spiritual or physical healing - go to him. He saved my life. Quotes
Jamie A.

Quotes Coffee with healthy herbs... And it actually tastes yummy! Thank you Tommy (HerbalThom) for the personal shopping experience through Raw Food World yesterday. I feel amazing! Go follow [him], he's an expert in making healthy elixirs for mind, body, and spirit and he's just an all around awesome human being. Quotes
Katie F.

Quotes Had a Tues. Night seminar in West Hollywood with this man ....Thank You Thom for a wealth of health information .... Thank You from Greg Jandt and Diana Meechan...We will be surely keeping in contact and implementing many of your teachings. I was blown away re: his information / knowledge...!!! Quotes
Greg Jandt

Quotes I listened to Tommy for the first time a month ago and felt so inspired with his information, awareness and amazing energy that I started applying just a few simple tips and advices to my daily life and woohoo!!.. Then I assisted to one of his classes and I was blown away! Tommy you are the real deal not only knowledgeable but seriously full of light. The best part is what?s happened with me in only one month? I?m feeling so strong and younger (must lost about ten pounds not even trying), feeling so blessed. THANK YOU TOMMY Quotes

Quotes I had prostate cancer and Tommy has been instrumental in my recovery. He is patient , dedicated and very knowledgeable. I am seeing a holistic doctor and I feel more comfortable following Tommy suggestions than my own Doctor, That's how confident I am about Tommy Quotes

Quotes I attended a class of Tom's and learned that there is a lot more of the fruit or vegetable that we can eat, such as the nutrient packed Leaves or seeds that we would normally throw out . Ive Felt a lot more energetic and even trimmed down a bit. Once you try the Jiaogulan tea, you will be hooked. Thanks Tom Quotes

Quotes Tom really knows this subject well and can convey this information to the mainstream public quite well. Bring your friends and family (kicking and screaming if you have to!) to his seminar. Quotes

Quotes My husband and I attended the class to learn healthy eating habits. Our family is health conscious but we learned from Tommy that the blender breaks down fruits and vegetables into small particles and we can obtain all of the nutirents from the whole fruits and vegetable. Some of the things we never imagined edable were actually good and ended in the blender. Now, I am even more conscious of the food I eat as well as what I give my kids. This was a great class, no matter how much you think you eat healthy attending this kinds of classes always gives something new to learn and inharate in your daily lifestyle. Thank you Tommy Quotes

Quotes Tommy is the real deal. His deep, comprehensive knowledge of all things nutrition has precipitated a fundamental change in the way I eat and live. He is able to convey complex scientific concepts in ways that are easy to comprehend and apply to your own lifestyle. Tommy?s workshops have catalyzed my journey toward radiant health and I supremely grateful. Do yourself the greatest favor of all and follow the ways of Herbal Thom! Chad Nini Quotes