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Cooking with Qi


The Ultimate High-Phytochemical COOKBOOK: Full Color Spiral Edition

*Formulated based on the “Conquering Any Disease” system

*Delicious Cooked Meals, Healing Sauces & Regenerative Desserts

*All recipes have maximum healing power and phytochemical content

*All recipes are dairy free, superior tasting, anti-inflammatory & fight disease

Taste does not have to sacrificed on the HIGH-PHYTOCHEMICAL diet. An amazing array of Raw and Cooked meals were masterfully tweaked, tested and then finally perfected. We’ve laid it all out in “Cooking with Qi”.


A number of things make this cookbook different from any other in the world today. It understands that humans thrive on Coconut Oil… an anti-viral, anti-bacterial fat perfect for cooking in the oven and frying pan. All dishes are made with anti-inflammatory and coconut oils to increase metabolism and reduce pain. This is a Free of Free Radicals Cookbook!


Primary food Ingredients for each recipe have been selected by Master of Food Healing, Jeff Primack. Heart disease meals are carefully crafted on function of the herbs, vegetables etc. Once functional ingredients were selected for each dish, Food-Healing Chefs Anisa Taylor & Steve Wood raised the bar and made them delicious. The people you love will eat it!

Includes Easy-to-Follow Recipes:

Raw Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Natto Chai, Raw Zucchini Alfredo, Asparagus Next-Level Soup,

Pizza Food-Healing Style, Soba Shiitake Salmon, Coconut Flour Crepes, Healing Turmeric Sauces,

Watercress Sour Cream, Okra Oyster Gumbo, Bitter Melon Infused Diabetic Cuisine, Curries,

Tacos, Cheesy Crisps and many more not found in other cookbooks.

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